Monday, December 21, 2009

Come see us on MSU Friday!

So, you're intrigued by our wide variety of academic programs, excited about how much fun living on the MSU campus would be or perhaps your pulse quickens at the thought of experiencing the outdoor adventure in Montana. Whatever it is that makes you pumped about MSU, I encourage you to come and get a taste by visiting us! MSU Friday is coming up on January 29th and I can promise you it will be a good time. This giant preview day gives students a chance to get a campus tour, check out the residence halls, chat with students and faculty, sit-in on sample classes, explore our research facilities including our Subzero Lab and much more. It is also a great time of year to come discover the glory of Bozeman. See for yourself how wonderful our local ski resort really is, dine at our locally owned restaurants, unwind in one of three near by hot spring resorts or simply shop to your hearts content at our downtown clothing & jewelry boutiques. The best way to find the right college for you is to get a feel for yourself. So, treat yourself to a mid-winter vacation and explore the academic opportunities Bozeman has for you. If January 29th won't fit into your schedule, we have another MSU Friday planned for March 12th. We also offer visits everyday, Monday through Friday (except on holidays) so come when you can and we will do what we can to accommodate you. Simply email us at to make arrangements. We love visitors!


  1. Meg,
    That is a great photo. Where is that? Was wondering if that's some place my family can visit.

  2. Hi Jacinta,
    The photo was taken at the Boiling River and it is just inside of Yellowstone National Park's North Entrance. Definately worth a visit!