Thursday, January 28, 2010

MSU's Aviation Program

Did you know that MSU offers an Aviation program? That's right! MSU offers an associate degree through our College of Technology for Aviation which started in 2006. Hilja, Kelsy and I were luck enough to be shown around Gallatin Field (Bozeman's airport) and even go on a quick flight around the city!

Superb flight characteristics, speed and an incredible safety record make the Diamond planes a perfect choice for flight training. MSU's planes are all less than three years old and have state of the art equipment like a Garmin GPS navigation system and even XM Radio!

Through MSU's program students earn 4 certifications; private pilot's licence, instrumentation licence, commercial licence and we are one of the only programs in the country to offer a twin-jet engine certification!MSU Students can pair the aviation program with any of our 120 degree options! What are you thinking about studying at MSU?

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