Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Campus Visits

While you are on spring break, consider making a trip to Bozeman and visiting campus! MSU has been seeing many visitors over the last few weeks, and you can arrange your visit by calling 888-MSU-CATS.

There are many things to do when visiting MSU's campus. Check out our visit website for full details.

MSU offers two campus tours Monday - Friday at 9am and 2pm. We also offer a tour of the residence halls at 11am, which will take you into 3-4 residence halls rooms across campus. Other optional tours include our newly rennovated fitness center at noon and a 12:30pm Outdoor Recreation Center tour. The ORC rents outdoor equipment to students for a very low cost!

Along with all of these daily tours, we can also arrange meetings for you with academic departments, financial aid, the University Honors Program and many more. Just call 888-MSU-CATS and we will arrange your day!

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