Friday, May 7, 2010

Congratulations MSU Class of 2010!!

Imagine how shocked I was today to see a packed Student Union Building on the last day of finals week! Students are busy packing all of their things out of the residence halls and loading up their cars to head home for the summer, or move into their summer appartment. On a trip to North Hedges yesterday, I also noticed that the Residence Halls were being "green" and having students donate items they didn't want to take home with them instead of throwing them in the trash. Students and community members can take any of these items for FREE. Now that is within the college student budget!

It has been a busy year, and this weekend will be no exception! Students are showing their families around the campus on this sunny Bozeman day. Of course, they are making the obligatory stop to the MSU Bookstore to load up on MSU gear before they head home! MSU will graduate nearly 2,600 students on Saturday, May 8 at 10am and this will be our 114th Commemcement.

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