Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am currently visiting the beautiful state of Alaska for a couple of weeks. I have already visited Juneau and spent a couple days in Anchorage and now I am off to Fairbanks where I will spend a couple days for high school visits, a college fair and a pizza party. After that I will be back in Anchorage for the next week. All of the MSU Admissions Reps are currently on the road so be sure to check out our travel schedules to see if we are visiting an area near you!

I have really enjoyed my trip to Alaska so far, at the moment I am sitting in the Anchorage airport looking out at the beautiful mountains surrounding the city. This trip involves lots of flying since Alaska is such a big state and some towns can only be reached by plane or boat. I am often asked questions about the flights in and out of Bozeman and transportation options within the city. Bozeman's airport actually has quite a few flights and it is currently expanding. Just a couple of weeks ago it was announced a direct flight is going to be added from Bozeman to San Francisco from December to March. There are also direct flights to Salt Lake City, Seattle, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, LA, Chicago and Atlanta. Currently Delta, Northwest, Horizon, United, Allegiance and Frontier offer flights to and from Bozeman. Once your in Bozeman there are lots of ways to get around as well. One option is the Streamline Bus system which is free and has hourly stops around Bozeman and the Skyline Bus that offers daily rides to Big Sky and Moonlight Basin. These buses are easy to spot as they are bright yellow and are modeled after the Yellowstone tour buses of the 1930's. Another popular option is biking, Bozeman has been putting in some new bike lanes and there are lots of great trails that you can take around town as well and with downtown only a mile from campus biking can be a quick way to get around town. Any student is also welcome to bring their car to campus as well.

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