Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Living on Campus

I have been traveling coast to coast. I spent three weeks in California and I am now traveling in Virginia and Maryland (DC area). There has been great interest in Montana State and I have talked to many fantastic prospective students, who would fit well at MSU! This is the time when students are filling out admission and scholarship applications, but do not forget about housing applications!

Living on campus is one of the best parts of freshman year! Montana State University has a wide variety of housing options. There is definitely something for everyone! MSU Residence Life offers 3 high rise co-ed options, 2 all female halls, 1 all male hall, honors housing and a wellness hall. There are some suite options available to upper class men. There are convenience stores, ski wax rooms, gaming areas and unlimited access to any of 3 dining halls all available to students! Living on campus is a great way to meet a ton of new friends and make a connection to the university! Check it out!

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