Monday, September 14, 2009

Meg is on the road!

It was a beautiful weekend in Bozeman, MT with perfect fall weather. I had a great time trail running in Hylite Canyon and biking around downtown but I couldn’t help but be a little first travel season kicked off yesterday! Of the five traveling Admissions Representatives, all five of us are on the road. Currently in Glasgow, I am on an Eastern Montana College Fair tour.
Talking to high school seniors today brought me back to my senior year in high school. I could not decide on a school! I even had campus housing deposits at two of them. Choosing Montana State University was something I thought long and hard about. But I could not resist the wide variety of academic programs, amazing faculty, tight knit community, active student body and endless outdoor opportunities. A place where I could choose from tons of majors, get personal attention from my professors and be a 25 minute ordeal away from Bridger Bowl (our local ski resort) was worth a shot. Who would have thought it would have been one of the best decisions of my life?!?
Making a college choice is extremely difficult and my best advice is to visit the schools you are interested in. We have our first MSU Friday event coming up on October 16th which is a huge event with over 500 prospective students from around the country participating! There are sample classes, tours and information sessions all day long. And if you can’t make an MSU Friday event, we welcome visitors every Monday-Friday (except on holidays). I recommend you check us out if you are thinking MSU!

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