Wednesday, September 23, 2009

MSU's Admission Requirements

Many of the students that I am meeting with in New England are surprised and relieved to find out about MSU's admission requirements. Students considering Montana State University should know about our unique and student friendly application process. One of my favorite things to tell prospective students is that they don't have to write an essay or ask teachers for letters of recommendation. MSU's application is actually very straight forward and students probably complete the application in less than an hour. Different from any other colleges you are looking at? I thought so!

Now, you are probably wondering if there is no essay or letters of recommendation needed, how are we deciding who to admit? Well, if a student meets ONE of our four admission requirements, they will be admitted.

Score of 22 or higher on the ACT OR
Score of 1540 (M, CR, W) or higher on the SAT OR
2.5 cumulative high school GPA OR
Rank in the top half of your graduating class

Considering all of the news lately about colleges and universities tightening admission criteria and making it harder for qualified students to get into schools, it is no wonder why students feel relieved to hear how transparent MSU's admission process is. No surprises!

We are on rolling admissions, which means that students can apply year around and our technical deadline is July 1 (after your senior year is completed). When students apply, they also receive an admissions decision very quickly, usually within two weeks.

Students can apply online and each year about 75% of students use our online application. So, what are you waiting for? Apply soon and get the ball rolling!


  1. Any way to check a decision online before the post office delivers the official acceptance letter?

  2. Is the acceptance letter thick, or thin?

  3. Right now, there is not a way to check online about your admissions decision. The applications are processed very quickly, usually within two weeks! Also, if we are missing any materials, we will contact you right away to continue processing your application. You can also check on your status by calling us at 888-MSU-CATS.

    As far as acceptance letters being thick or thin, they are sort of a medium size, crammed with useful information. A very FULL standard envelope!