Friday, September 18, 2009

Testing, Testing, Testing!

After having just wrapped up a week in Eastern Montana meeting with students at college fairs, I was impressed with the number of students who have already taken an ACT or an SAT test. Every year, colleges and universities across the United States base many of their admissions requirements and scholarships off an ACT or SAT score. Students who take their test early can apply earlier to schools, but also have the opportunity to retake the test if they want to improve their score! At MSU, we base many of our admissions requirements as well as many of our scholarships off the ACT or SAT. MSU will always take a student's highest test score no matter when the test was taken, or how many times it was taken. By having several opportunities to retake an ACT or SAT, students are enhancing the chances to be admitted and to be potentially receive a scholarship! There are test dates for ACT and SAT listed on their sites so make sure to check them out online or talk with your counseling office to find out about future testing dates!

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