Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Greetings from Vermont! What a great trip to have in the fall, just at the beginning of foliage season. I have been in Vermont this week and I have already met several students who are strongly considering attending MSU this fall. Each year around 20 - 30 students enroll from Vermont, and it is probably because Montana and Vermont really have a lot in common. Both have tons of outdoor opportunities and abundant ski areas, and similar weather (these students aren't afraid of a little snow). It is exciting to see so much interest from students in an area that is so far away.
I started in southern Vermont and worked my way north to Burlington, the largest city in VT. There is a college fair here on Thursday and Friday and it is usually one of the best fairs in New England!

One of my favorite events to host while on the road is pizza parties, an informal gathering that students can attend attend at night to find out more about MSU. I have already had two pizza parties in Vermont (Bennington and Burlington) and both have been a great success. The first one was at Bennington Pizza House (on the left) and three students attended all from different high schools, one was actually from NY. Pizza parties are so much fun and if you have a chance to attend a pizza party near your hometown, I would really encourage you to go! You can have any of your questions answered and bring your friends and family for free pizza! YUM. You can also meet other students from your area who are interested in Montana State. I will have a total of 5 pizza parties in New England and Kelsy will be out here in October hosting a few more. Make sure to check the Admissions Travel Schedule to see what pizza parties are in your area. If you are in New England, I hope to see you while I'm out here!

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