Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Soloist: 2009 Freshman Convocation

Last night I attended freshman convocation - a welcome event for MSU's new freshman students. The book selected for the summer reading this year was "The Soloist: A Lost Dream, an Unlikely Friendship and the Redemptive Power of Music" by LA Times columnist Steve Lopez. It was required summer reading for all 2,400 incoming freshman and this novel will be discussed in classes and several venues this fall. Check out Steven Lopez's message to the MSU Class of 2013.

"The Soloist" is a factual account that traces the development of a four-year friendship between Lopez and homeless musician Nathaniel Ayers, a former Julliard prodigy living on the streets of Los Angeles. Lopez was a great speaker and delivered an important message to the MSU Class of 2013. MSU is fortunate to bring wonderful speakers throughout the year with programs on campus like the MSU Leadership Institute.

To end the night, Champ the bobcat mascot and President Gamble came to the stage and sang the MSU Fight song. The Fieldhouse was packed with students proudly singing their fight song and a energetic end to the evening and a fun kick off to the school year!

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