Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet Meg Somers - Admissions Representative

Name: Meg Somers

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Major, Minor, Graduation Year: I graduated in 2006 with a German major and a Music minor.

Favorite Class at MSU: BIOL 103- Environmental Science & Society

What areas are you visiting in 2009? North Dakota, Minnesota, Oregon, Wisconsin, Illinois, Idaho, South Dakota and Montana

What is your favorite restaurant in Bozeman? With their addictive sugar cookies, organic coffee and energizing smoothies, the Bozeman Community Food Co-Op has completely won me over. And did I mention they have live music?!? It is the perfect place to swing in to get a healthy, tasty snack or last minute meal while checking out some local musicians.

What is the one thing you would recommend to incoming students? It may sound crazy to some, but enjoy living in the Residence Halls. You will never again have so many fabulous roommates!

When you come to Bozeman be sure to…spin around and take in the 360 degrees of mountains surrounding you. The beauty of the mountains still shocks me and catches my eye even after seven years of living here.

What is your favorite outdoor activity? I love trail running in the sun, skiing in the snow and whitewater rafting in the rivers. It’s Bozeman! You can’t just pick one.

Latest attempt? Yoga. I did it for 4 days straight a while ago and was amazed at how much of a work-out it is! I am pretty good at the positions requiring acute balance but those strength poses…

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