Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Move-In Day

Today is Move-In Day on campus. New and returning students are moving into the residence halls. Volunteers from the university and community are helping the students move their things in to their new home for the year. There is a lot of energy as over 2,000 students arrive to campus.

I remember being very excited and nervous when I moved into North Hedges my first year but I soon met lots of new friends and had a great time living in there. To the right is a picture of me moving into North Hedges my freshman year. Living in the residence halls is a great way to get connected to other students and the campus. There are a variety of housing options from Co-ed halls that have co-ed, all male, or all female floors, all female halls and an all male residence hall. Some of the floors have themes such as outdoor pursuits where students put together weekend trips doing things like hiking, snowshoeing, biking and a variety of other activities. Other themes include academic themes like nursing, business, arts and architecture and engineering where students living on the floor take a couple classes together their first semester.

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