Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet Kelsy Traeger - MSU Admissions Representative

Name: Kelsy Traeger

Hometown: Sandown, New Hampshire

Major, Minor, Graduation Year: B.S. Anthropology minor in Museum Studies 2007

Favorite Class at MSU: Soc 365 Sociology of Globalization and Soc 303 Social Psychology

What areas did you visit in 2008? New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Eastern and Central Washington, Northern Idaho, Minneapolis, Alaska, Western Colorado, and Montana

What areas are you visiting in 2009? New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Eastern Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Northern Idaho and Montana.

What is your favorite local store in Bozeman? Tart in the Emerson Cultural Center. The Emerson Cultural Center has a bunch of great little art galleries, a restaurant and offers fun classes, concerts and events. Tart has some really unique jewelry as well as fun funky art and clothing many of which are produced by local artists.

What advice would you give to an incoming student? I would advise them to get involved in at least one student organization while you are a student. Getting involved in organizations outside of the classroom gives you great opportunities to develop leadership skills, network and make some great friends. There are over 120 student organizations at MSU giving you lots of choices.

As a student, where did you live on campus? I lived on the 11th floor (the top) of North Hedges on a coed floor for my first year. It was a lot of fun and had a great variety of students from all over Montana and the country. After my first year I lived in my sorority house for three years. This was great way to get involved and the house had a great cook and lots of room to hang out and study.

When you visit Bozeman, be sure to… check out one of the three ski areas. My favorite is Bridger Bowl. It is only twenty minutes from Bozeman and has great ski runs, short lines and often lots of powder.

What was your favorite freebee/discount as a student? Bobcat football games. They are tons of fun and the stadium is always packed. A great way to spend a Saturday outside with your friends cheering on the bobcats.

Latest attempt? Knitting..I made one scarf but I’m having a little trouble on the second.

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