Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meet Mike Ouert - MSU Admissions Representative

Name: Mike Ouert

Hometown: Great Falls, MT

Major, Minor and graduation year: Graduated with a History Teaching Degree in 2005

Favorite class at MSU: EDSD 458: Methods of Teaching Social Studies with Dr. Bryce Carpenter and History 412: History of Race and Class in America with Dr. Billy Smith

Where are you traveling: Colorado, Oregon, Maryland and Montana

What is your favorite restaurant/ coffee shop/ local store in Bozeman? I love MacKenzie River Pizza Company on Main Street in downtown Bozeman. They have a great selection of pizzas, pastas and sandwiches and is an original Bozeman based restaurant. It’s a laid back atmosphere that is very family friendly, but also very student friendly at the same time.

What advice would you give to an incoming student? Go visit the campuses you are interested in possibly attending. Actually being able to walk on a college campus and get the feeling of whether that would be a good school for you is one of the most important aspects of the college search.

What is your best/ favorite MSU memory? My favorite memory at MSU was my last semester student teaching. I actually had the opportunity to spend my last semester studying abroad in Australia for four months and had a blast. I was even able to make it back in time to walk at graduation which was an amazing experience to be done.

Describe yourself in one word. Electric

What is your favorite campus event? Any of the athletic events are great, especially football games. Seeing everyone decked out in their blue and gold on game day is one of the best things ever. GO CATS!

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